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My name is Jacqui

I'm a freelance graphic designer, web developer and digital marketer.

I design websites, digital marketing campaigns, logos, and brochures for clients who prefer a stream lined, flexible approach. If you like the idea of dealing direct with the designer working on your project

I'd love to work with you.

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    graphic design bunbury perth
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    web design perth bunbury
  • Hello!

    My name
    is Jacqui

    I'm a freelance graphic designer,
    digital marketer, and web developer

    I design websites, social media marketing campaigns, logos,
    business cards, brochures and more for clients who prefer
    a streamlined, flexible approach liaising direct with the
    designer working on their project. If that sounds like you,

    I'd love to work with you!

Latest work

web design

E-commerce website for Mondo Large Wall Art

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logo designlogo design

Logo design for Kwinana Supa Centre

A new commercial shopping centre in Kwinana.

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poster design

Poster and flyer design for the Heart and Lung Transplant Foundation of WA and Lamonts, Swan Valley

A party bus to Lamonts in the Swan Valley is always fun and even more so when raising funds for the Heart and Lung Transplant Foundation of WA. Working with Nicki Williams from Spyn Public Relations and board members, designing the poster was almost as good as going on a trip to the Swan Valley. Almost.

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poster design

Poster and flyer design for Satterley and Dalyellup Beach Estate

When Satterley's Dallyellup Beach Estate brought The Emirates Melbourne Cup (the ACTUAL cup!) to Bunbury, they needed poster and invitation design to promote the event. The brief was to fit the marketing team's vision for flowers, spring racing, picket fences and a fun, family feel while still retaining the corporate branding colours of Dalyellup Beach Estate.

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poster design

Poster and flyer design for Waratah and The Lord Forrest Hotel

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web design

Website build for Fine Wine Wholesalers

The client preference was for a spare and simple design based on their existing branding that reflected their status as experienced and long established wholesalers.
They required a website they could maintain themselves and have full control of. The website is designed to work powerfully in the background so that any office staff member can update it as simply as possible. The clients were supplied with a clear, easy to understand illustrated instruction document, staff training, and unlimited phone help from a very helpful and friendly support person (me). Visit the site and stock up.

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Graphic design for events promotion

Working with Nicki Williams from Spyn Public Relations and Vince Gareffa and Lynnley from Mondo Community Warriors, the brief was to design the graphics to promote chef Antonio Carluccio's visit to Perth.

This was a love job for a fantastic charity that helps the disadvantaged in Perth. It just so happens that Antonio Carluccio is one of my favourite chefs!

The job involved designing the graphics, coding the email mailout, and creating advertising flyers.

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Logo, branding, flyers and website for southwest beef producers

Henty Brook Angus needed branding and flyers to promote their beef to suppliers and a website to sell online to the public.

I'm borderline vegetarian, but after getting to know Rachel and understanding a little more about what they do and how well they treat their cattle, I'm a little less squeamish about eating cows.

Just for the record: grass fed, free range, paddock raised cattle who have grown up with their mothers produce beef that is not only more humane, it's also better for you!Visit the website (and order a side of beef!)

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Brochure design and copywriting

I've worked with Paul and Alison from Naturaliste Charters ever since they bought the business five years ago. It's fantastic to see a client's business evolve and grow.

The brief was to develop a brochure to both attract tourists to take a whalewatch tour and to choose them rather than their competitors by presenting their point of difference and drawing attention to their strengths. They had some amazing trip advisor reviews and these were featured in the brochure.

Another important outcome the brochure needed to achieve was to to answer all the questions customers kept phoning to ask over and over again and deliver all the important information as clearly and simply as possible.

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Packaging POS (Point of Sale) design and photography

Packaging design is vital for the sale of a product - not just to the end consumer, but also to the retail buyer.

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I'm glad you made it here!

I'm based in Cottesloe in Perth, Western Australia, and regularly travel to my home town, Bunbury. However, through the magic of the internet, I have many clients throughout Perth, the Southwest and regional W.A. I haven't met face to face, so we can work together no matter where you are!

Phone me on 042 77 666 44, or fill out the form below and let's get started!


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